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Maer Strawpellets

Premium bedding material for your animals

About Us

We are the biggest company in Latvia producing straw pellets as well as selling equipment for production of straw pellets; already 5 years we are successfully working in straw pellet producing business having production process in 4 factories. The current production volume is approx. 10 000 t per year.

In the near future we are planning to open 2 new factories in Latvia and 2 in Estonia, thus becoming the biggest straw pellet producer in the Baltics and increasing our capacity and volume of production for our current and eventual customers.

Since in pellet production we are using the highest quality straw material collected in our farms, we can ensure for our customers straw pellets of the highest quality.

Currently the biggest part of our production is exported to Scandinavian countries – Finnland and Sweden, where it is used as a bedding material in hourse stables.

Maer Strawpellets

Premium bedding material for your animals


Ecologically friendly, the highest quality straw pellets for your animals as a bedding material packed in:
- 15 kg (packed in a polyethylen bag, 67 bags on a pallete)
- 500 kg (packed in a big bag)
- 1000 kg (packed in a big bag)

Logistic service from our warehouse till the point of destination chosen by you.

Equipment for production of straw pellets, its installation and training of your employees.

* The prices ask our sales unit, see contacts below.
* Minimum volume to be ordered is 24 tons.

Eriks Abrazons

+371 29 234 119



Straw pellets are produced from the straw remaining from threshed grain. Predominantly rye, wheat, barley and oaten straw is used for production of the pellets.

The straw in our farms is collected with around 14-18% humidity level, thus it is not necessary to dry it additionally. In the result the highest quality pellets are produced without using additional means for drying the straw, thus ensuring lower price for our customers.

Production process:
- the straw is cut into smaller pieces and pulverized
- heated up till +110°C, destroying any bacterium
- pellets are pressed out and cooled
- dust is cleaned up through eco filters, thus making them antiallergic
- packed at your choice.

In the result of production process straw pellets complying with the following parameters are produced: diameter 8-10mm, lenght 10-40mm, relative humidity 8-11%, density 550-700 g/l. Since no additives are used in the production process, the pellets are ecologically friendly.

The straw pellets are used not only as a bedding material but also as addition to the food, heating material and fertilizer in greenhouses.

Strawpellets material

Straw as a bedding material is used already for ages. However, only recently the new technology is introduced ensuring that a straw is transformed into a new and efficient bedding material currently known as straw pellets.

Your animals will feel more comfortable and secure, because straw pellets do not contain dust and mould; they are hygienic, ecologically and environmentaly friendly.

Compering to other bedding materials straw pellets will save a storage place as well as your time and workforce in using them. Thanks to the high absorbibility animal urine and humidity will be absorbed up to 3 times more than in case of other bedding materials; therefore it is almost impossible for animals to become dirty with excrements.

They perfectly absorb bed smell, thus reducing attraction of insects to animals. It is easy to notice and therefore also to clean up dirtiness, because you need to change only the wet bedding material.

No problems with storage of excrements, because during 2-3 weeks they are decomposed and might be used as a fertilizer in gardening. Such fertilizer does not increase pH reaction of a soil.

! Do not contain mould
! Do not contain dust
! Hygienic
! Antiallergic
! Ecologically and environmentaly friendly
! Save storage place
! Save your time and human resources
! Absorb up to 300% more than its weight


Company: MAER LTD
Registration No.: LV44103049172
Address: 33 Parka str., Mazsalaca,
Mazsalacas district, LV-4215, Latvia

E-mail: info@strawpellets.lv
GPS coordinates: LAT 57.862448, LON 25.031340

Sales unit: Mr Eriks Abrazons
Mobile phone: +371 29234119
E-mail: eriks@strawpellets.lv